is an experimental electronic space: a digital data territory made of links, connections, relations, knowledge: a net space. initially _knowscape has been conceived as an alternative multi-user browser [ _knowscape, 2001 ] using data *tracking* and *profiling* techniques to question, to reverse them, so to finally produce open data territories, shared browsing experiences and *open users' profiles*.

_knowscape evolved and became in 2003 a mobile downloadable space, a variable space with no fixed or frozen size as well as no definite location: _knowscape mobile

since 2003, _knowscape mobile has moved to various places for performances and exhibitions: boston, basel, cambridge, ... with always both a temporary location in the physical space and a world wide digital one over the Internet.

this mobile information architecture can be described as a downloadable relational spatiality. its installation into physical places creates a space of reversed surveillance, an *open data architecture*. therefore, _knowscape mobile questions and transforms in a soft and transitory manner the functionality, the materiality, the unicity and the scale of each sensible space it is installed in.

based on low esthetics and close to machines direct visual outputs, _knowscape mobile builds electronic spaces with information-based voxels [ 3D pixels ]. each user creates its own data architecture, made of contiguous voxels, the addition of these spaces creates a shared knowledge 3d territory.

_knowscape mobile relation to physical space is also simple and direct: boolean. indeed, _knowscape mobile uses boolean algebraic operations to mix data space with physical one: in each installation, electronic devices open windows on this re-localized data territory, which allow visitors to interact either from the physical space or from the internet.

_knowscape mobile is thus an architectural space temporarily associating territory of data and physical space, linking architecture, knowledge and browsing.


_knowscape mobile at MEDIARUIMTE, Brussels Belgium

_knowscape mobile at DIS2004, Cambridge Massachusetts

_knowscape mobile at HALLE 3.0, Basel Switzerland

_knowscape mobile at SHARE, Boston USA

_knowscape mobile at fabric | ch, Lausanne Switzerland